Know your health

In order to make changes that have a positive impact on your health, you need to know your current health status. Most of us wait until something goes wrong in the body before we make lifestyle changes. Why wait? Act now and you can look and feel great in a matter of weeks. Every 88 days each and every cell in your body regenerates and renews, the quality of that regeneration is up to you, and it all starts with what you know about your body and your health.

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Nourish your body

Do you feel out of control around food? Do you find that you are using food as a means to controlling negative emotions? Do you think that you have no willpower? Here is the good news. Conditioned overeating is a biological challenge and has simply been magnified by all the diets you have been on over the years. We can show you how to think differently around food, how to nourish your body and eat foods that satisfy you. This is no one size fits all program but rather we will offer you tools which you will mix and match to suit your lifestyle.

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Move your body

The human body is designed to move. Nothing could be simpler and yet we are moving less. The latest research is showing that up to 20% of all deaths of people 35 years and older can be attributed to a lack of physical activity. That's more deaths than can be attributed to smoking.

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The human body is infinitely intelligent.

Given the correct environment, it will thrive!

Gaining and maintaining control of your health and weight is within your reach. It requires a flexible, individualised and multi-level approach. I should know, I am living it everyday!


Bodycoach Owner & Founder

Simple, practical and accessible
equals permanent change!

The idea of a "Wellness solution" suggests more than merely attending the company wellness day or an annual check up at the doctor.

To us, a solution is about equipping people with a set of simple, practical and accessible tools. They are then empowered to permanently change their lifestyle and achieve optimal health. In this way we empower, motivate and coach each individual through their unique process as they change their lifestyle for the better.

Wellness GPS

You could think of Bodycoach Wellness Solutions as the GPS system for health and wellness. We take each client from their current health position to their final destination, one of optimal health. Each step is monitored and routes that are not working, recalculated.

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