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Good health is within your reach.  It is merely a question of knowledge and action.

In order to make changes that have a positive impact on your health, you need to know your current health status.  Most of us wait until something goes wrong in the body before we make lifestyle changes.  Why wait?  Act now and you can look and feel great in a matter of weeks.  Every 88 days each and every cell in your body regenerates and renews, the quality of that regeneration is up to you, and it all starts with what you know about your body and your health.

Using the Bodystat® machine we measure your body fat to lean muscle ratio, a well known indicator of health.  Add to that, your blood pressure, heart rate, cellular hydration and a unique Wellness Marker™, and you have an accurate reference against which you can monitor your health.  Ongoing reports help you stay on track and provide the motivation you need to change your lifestyle once and for all.

Another important marker of health is to adequately monitor your stress type and severity. More importantly we can tell you how you are managing your stress.  Although a certain amount of stress is necessary in order to function, it is the way we internalise and manage our stress that matters.  The Adrenal glands are designed to pump out adrenalin and cortisol in times of stress.  However these are meant as a fight or flight response not as a lifestyle.  If you are using coffee, sugar, prescription or over- the- counter pain killers and other stimulants in order to keep going and are using alcohol or sedatives to wind down, the chances are you are running on your stress hormones and eventually the debt will catch up with you.  Find out your stress type and how it is affecting your health.  Through Bodycoach® Nourish and Move you can learn to support yourself nutritionally and channel your stress.  Experience a real energy that doesn’t come from your stress hormones and doesn’t create a health debt.

We work from the premise that given the correct nutrients and conditions, your body is designed to heal itself.  We are also confident that health is a choice and living your best life is within your means and your ability.  It is merely a question of knowing what it is you can do, to positively affect your health.

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