Nourish your body while eating foods you like -

  • Eat and feel satisfied
  • Easy ways to eat healthily in busy lifestyles
  • Revamp your office canteen and eat right for your job type

“Bite size” nutrition information.  Easy to understand and implement in any busy schedule.

Do you feel out of control around food?  Do you find that you are using food as a means to controlling negative emotions?  Do you think that you have no willpower?  Here is the good news.  Conditioned overeating is a biological challenge and has simply been magnified by all the diets you have been on over the years.  We can show you how to think  differently around food, how to nourish your body and eat foods that satisfy you.  This is no one size fits all program but rather we will offer you tools which you will mix and match to suit your lifestyle.

It is about educating you on foods that will satisfy and nurture you.  What people don’t know is that small, easy changes within your current lifestyle can make all the difference.  A busy schedule, eating out and travelling a lot does not mean that a healthy lifestyle is out of the question.  People need to understand the “why” behind their choices and they need support in making changes.

Following the Bodycoach® Know Wellness Assessment we then move to Bodycoach® Nourish

Nourish your health covers what to eat on a day to day basis.  How to structure and plan your eating so that you get to optimum health. The latest research has shown that there are 57 essential nutrients required for your body to reach optimum health.  The word essential here means that you have to get them through your diet, your body cannot create them.  We make it easy to add in the nutrients to your current eating plan. Take home food journals, packed with information and place to record meals, keep change at your finger tips.  Recipes and meal ideas will be included here and regularly updated via the website and e-newsletters.

Reading labels and eating out for dummies covers what to look for when reading labels.  How to decide if a meal is well-balanced or not.  What to avoid.  How to eat out and stay on track.

Boost your health-boost your business.  Nourish yourself and nourish your family.  We know that we don’t do this alone, learn how to eat well at work and analyse your canteen and daily lunches.  Get your family and the people at work on board and have fun losing weight together.  Eating right for your job type.  Sitting all day means that you need to nourish your brain for long periods of concentration.  We can even set up a company chat site or blog which is a great way for people to motivate one another.

Debunking food myths and crash diets teaches you to put health before extreme measures for weight loss.  Diet is a four letter word that is making you fat.  Bodycoach® Nourish is forever and is certainly not just a quick fix but rather a lifestyle choice.  We will support you in making health a lifestyle.

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