Our Process

Each of our programmes whether a performance workshop for executives or an individual weight loss programme, incorporates our
unique three-pronged approach:


We work from the premise that the human body is infinitely intelligent and if given the correct environment will thrive. The nutrients we
choose to feed our bodies, giving ourselves the chance to move, managing our thoughts and beliefs are all factors within our control and
these make up the environment.

"I finally got it. DNA does not control biology, and the nucleus itself is not the brain of the cell. Just like you and me, cells are shaped by where they live. In other words, it’s the environment, stupid.”
- Bruce H Lipton PH.D

Fatigue, weight gain, overeating, anxiety, depression, diseases, difficulty concentrating or even feeling uncomfortable in your skin are messages the body uses in order to maintain homeostasis. Your mind and body are in constant communication though the close monitoring of bodily processes. The primary goal of the human body is survival, never maximal effort. Understanding this and learning how you can 'fool" the system will result in a body that works for you in this demanding day and age.

"Fatigue is purely an emotion that the brain uses to ensure that the exercise is performed within the constraints of the body's ability, without threatening its homeostasis."
- Tim Noakes

If you want to learn anything about the human body it is prudent to turn to the plethora of research that has been undertaken in the field of athletic performance. The reason this field is so well researched is because the athletes themselves are willing to be studied and will undergo gruelling testing in order to be the best at what they do.

Consider, for a moment, what an athlete is prepared to put themselves through in order to optimise their performance. The demand for an athlete may be about 20% of their everyday life and maybe 5% of their lifetime. Now consider the areas of your own life where the demands on your body are equally gruelling as those of an athlete. Only this probably accounts for 80% of your everyday life and definitely a large extent of your lifetime.

At Bodycoach® we asked ourselves, how does the athletic body function? And how can we use that information to help our own bodies and those of our clients function better?

This question became the cornerstone of our thinking and programme development. It is safe to say we will never have a definitive answer. Our promise to you, is to keep delivering the most current information and to do so in our integrity, as all of our programmes, live and breathe through the processes of our clients and ourselves.

Don't be surprised if our programmes and our information changes and expands with each step that this body journey unfolds. At Bodycoach® this is the fun part.

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